Mt. Rishiri view from the inn

View from the inn

Located at Lat. N 45°off the coast of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island.

Information about road construction in front of the inn


If you are coming by car, please turn towards the sea at the traffic light on the "Fujino Park" side and proceed to the inn.

Parking location will be provided upon check-in.
*If you are walking or cycling, there is a dedicated sidewalk from the Oshidomari side.

Fat Bike Rental Starts


The truth about the fat bike is the bike evolves from a mountain bike, which wider tires, you can ride on soft mud, gravel roads and off-road easily.

Please ride a fat bike, enjoying the magnificent view!

check prices and sizes here.

Bicycle sightseeing is recommended


We recommend traveling by bicycle!The cycling road, which covers a total of 24.9 km, provides views of magnificent scenery. One lap around the island is about 55 km. Encounter splendid scenery and wild birds as there is a large colony of black-tailed gulls on the island.

The inn offers a bicycle rental service. We have eight cross-bikes and four electric-bicycles. Cross-bikes are also available in larger sizes. Cycling around the island is recommended, as you'll be able to see wonderful scenery!

check prices and sizes here.

Cycling Video(Youtube)


iron-man of rishiri

This is an original plan in which visitors can enjoy their stay while being physically active. Receive an award and a free gift when you achieve the targets in each category. Why not try to become an "Ironman of Rishiri"

1, Climb to the summit of Mt Rishiri.

2,Walking round Rishiri Island.(If you use a bicycle, you are a sub-iron man.)

No entry fee, indefinite, at your own risk. You will receive a nice souvenir for achieving this. Tell the reception desk if you want to try it!

For more information.Official website 「Irom-man of RIshiri」

Rental & Sales


Rishiri Greenhill Inn sells rental of zacs, rental poles, and eco gloves (colorful work gloves) suitable for mountain climbing and cycling. Part of the profit has been donateing for maintenance of the mountain trail.(There is no hiking shoes rental.)

We sell original towels, original T-shirts, Cup noodles, Tinned food, And Natural water500ml.

Dinner Bowls reservation service


<Dinner Bowls delivery service will start on July>

This service is by appointment only. The dinner bowls made in the cafeteria will be brought to the hostel at 6pm.

●You can choose from four types [DON]

●You can eat your freshly cooked dinner bowls at 6pm, when you make a reservation.

●Please referencing a picture. Detailed image

You can cook in the inn's kitchen, but this Dinner Bowls is also very delicious and recommended. Please try it!

Simple, cozy inn


Rishiri Greenhill Inn is about 2 km from Rishiri's main port of Oshidomari. There is a natural park called Fujinoenchi and a "sunset hill" near the inn, which are recommended places. The inn is an inexpensive place to stay as a base for mountain climbing and sightseeing, and the scenery is beautiful.

The first floor comprises a dining room, a kitchen and a shower room. The guest rooms are on the second floor. You can warm yourself in front of the wood-burning stove in the dining room on cold days in spring and autumn.

Our peaceful hostel has everything you need to recharge between activities. If staying here helped you enjoy your trip to Rishiri Island, then I'm happy too.

FREE WI-FI available to guests in communal areas.