Mt. Rishiri mountaintop!

Mt. Rishiri mountaintop!

There is a mountain in the center of the island.

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Fujinoenchi Natural Park

There is a natural park called Fujinoenchi that's a 3—5-min. walk from the inn. All around its coast is beautiful grassland, which was also used to shoot a movie. Ezokanzou and, licorice flowers, bloom from late June to mid-July. Toilets and a parking lot are conveniently located for visitors.

【About 2.5 km from Oshidomari port.】
Fujinoenchi Natural Park-1  Fujinoenchi Natural Park-2  Fujinoenchi Natural Park-3

Yuhigaoka Sunset Hill

A great place to see the beautiful sunset from, this hill very near the inn. On clear days, you can see the beautiful blue sea and Rebun Island. The hill is 56 m high and it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the top.

【About 2.0 km from Oshidomari port.】
Yuhigaoka Sunset Hill-1  Yuhigaoka Sunset Hill-2

The starry sky

You can see a lot of stars from Rishiri Island when it's fine.

The starry sky-1  The starry sky-2

Hokuroku Campsite–Kanro Natural Water Spring

Amid the majestic forest is the Mt. Rishiri trailhead. You can walk to the spring in about 10 minutes, and there you will find "Kanro" natural mineral water springing up from the earth. The water here has been selected as one of the best natural mineral waters in Japan. This is the only water on the trail up the mountain.

Mt. Rishiri Hiking (Oshidomari Trail)

This trail is the most popular route up the mountain. There are no toilets on the way to the summit. Please purchase a portable latrine (¥400) in advance, and use it in the toilet booths that can be found by the side of the trail. Please be aware that weather conditions often change suddenly on Mt. Rishiri .
At the Eighth-stage there are many wild flowers just past the shelter hut. On a clear day, the whole of the Rishiri-, Rebun area, as well as the Taisetsu Mountain Range can be seen. *We can take you to the Mt. Rishiri trailhead at 4:45 a.m. for free.

【Distance to the peak: 8.4 km. (It takes about 6 hours up and 4 hours down.)
Hokuroku Campsite-Kanro Natural Water Spring-1  Hokuroku Campsite-Kanro Natural Water Spring-3  Hokuroku Campsite-Kanro Natural Water Spring-2

Skiing and Snowboarding on Rishiri

Skiing on Rishiri Island is on the bucket list for many Japan backcountry skiing aficionados. Powder skiing in Hokkaido is world renowned because of the abundance of amazingly light, fluffy powder snow that results from the weather systems that blow down from Siberia. Compared to most Hokkaido ski areas, Rishiri Island is much further north and closer to Siberia, so the powder can be even more amazing!

The best time to go backcountry skiing in Rishiri is probably late February. In late winter and early spring there's a slightly higher chance of clear days, although the main weather inhibitor to reaching the summit of Mt Rishiri is the wind, and the wind is not such a big factor at that time of year. Please also see this website.HokkaidoWilds/Rishiri-zan Classic Ski Tour Route

Skiing and Snowboarding on Rishiri-1  Skiing and Snowboarding on Rishiri-2  Skiing and Snowboarding on Rishiri-3

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